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Firearms Training, Security Consulting, & Retail

At Apex Training Solutions, our mission is to ensure our community becomes a safer place. We do that through offering top of the line firearms education to all legal firearm owners at affordable prices. We are proud to now offer sales of firearms, firearm accessories, night vision, and other soft gear, that we trust with our lives on real missions.

​We specialize in training Military, Law Enforcement, Competitors, and Enthusiasts in relevant and effective tactics and skills.

Our courses and private events cater to shooters ranging from beginners to experienced. Whether your goal is to learn general firearms safety, improve your scores in competition, improve your confidence carrying a handgun for personal protection, or improve your ability in the line of duty, we have something for you.

Each course is taught by our professional shooters with direct experience in the military, law enforcement, government contracting, and competition arenas. 

We are ready to help advance your personal skills and knowledge.




verb - reach a high point or climax.

We have designed our training to ensure you that you will feel more confident and competent when it comes to protecting yourself, your family, taking an ethical shot on a hunt, or winning your first competition down the road.

Come Train!

Recoil Offgrid Magazine: Issue 55

Learn about our nationally recognized Long Range Classes and what you can expect to learn. Click here to learn more

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